Blog planning in no time – free 2011 calendar download

Calendar imageOK, I have to throw my hands up and admit – I haven’t been blogging as much in the past few weeks. I’m sure others will sympathise – I’ve seen a few bloggers recently deciding to close down blogs to concentrate on new projects and jobs.

I started a new job in August as a Learning Technology Support Officer with the University of Nottingham. My post is based centrally in the Learning Technology Team in Information Services and involves supporting most of the learning technologies at the University, particularly e-assessment (more on that later) and the VLE. Words like, learning, support, e-learning, engagement and delivery are key here. The team I work with is varied and talented, including programmers, developers, technical experts and trainers, and we offer support and consultancy to all academic staff. We now have a team blog and we tweet as @LTNottingham.

Almost immediately – as the new academic year started – I was plunged into a whirl of activity supporting the creation of new modules online, adding and amending staff details, checking that students can see all the right modules, helping staff work with WebCT (our current VLE), and troubleshooting people’s access to the VLE. I have hardly had time to look up from the support desk until now! I didn’t even get to write all the posts about ALT that I would have liked to…

In the context of a busy workload, maintaining a personal elearning blog as well as supporting the Learning Technology Team blog at work means I have to be more efficient in planning ahead for gaps and events. I found myself in need of a blog planning calendar for 2011 so I have created one and provide it also for download if anyone else can make use of it! I find it really useful.

I previously blogged about year planning on my WordPress blog, so that’s the place to go to find out more about how to plan using this calendar.

The download is an Excel spreadsheet: (It still has last quarter of 2010 in it if you want to start blog planning right now….)

Download Blog Year Planner 2011