A new look for libraries?

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New Library Technologies Dispense With Librarians

An article caught my eye from the Wall Street Journal (this article currently free to access but may disappear behind subscription firewall). A library in St PAul, Minnesota, USA, has been replaced with a “Library Express” – you order the book you want and it is delivered to a digitally locked, glove-compartment- sized metal locker a few days later. I read recently that 26 of my local libraries here in Nottingham are having their weekly hours reduced to between 5 and 9 (because of the spending cuts). Perhaps it’s just me who thinks that it becomes a bit pointless at that stage having a stock of books that are inaccessible for 97% of the time. How soon before they turn into “Library Express” here too? And goodbye to a genuine community-based service, physically browsing books, and jobs for librarians.