Remote managers and reflection: this time last year

Periodic Fable

Once a month I like to look back on what I was blogging about this time last year and in previous years. It often prompts reflection on how things have – or have not – changed and where I have moved on to.

In July 2009

  • I was looking at  Seven actions of effective remote managers including choosing the best technology but not relying it – being mindful of individual needs such as isolation and communication, and prioritising  the community and social aspects of the online team.
  • I was also thinking about the value of reflection for professional development something I’ve also explored more recently on one of the Oxford Centre for Staff and Learning Development’s excellent courses in Reflective Practice.

In July 2008

  • The search engine Cuil was launched with great fanfare. But have you heard of it since?
  • I asked:  Why do communities fail? and came up with a few answers, including over-reliance on technology, failing to plan strategically,  and putting the worng people – especially if they’re inexperienced community facilitators – in charge.
  • And Fat Gourg hit the news! This is one of my all time favourite viral internet stories.  Fat Gourg on YouTube is the story from central TV of Fat Gourg, a monster drawn by 7-year-old Luke in Kids on the Net‘s Monster Motel over ten years ago, which then became an internet craze in France among young graphic artists. If you read no other blog post of mine, read this one!