Twitter apps and making managing followers easier


I often look for people to follow on Twitter who are in a certain area, or have a particular area of expertise. Twitter itself doesn’t have a way to search bios or locations very successfully, so Twitter apps like TweepSearch :: Twitter Profile and Bio Search are very useful.

I still think Twitter grader is fun for estimating your influence and “reach” and finding out who else is in your geographical location.  Though the Twitter Elite tends to fill up with teenagers twittewring about pop stars, these days. Not so sure about your Klout influence, a way to measure your influence (or anyone else’s) across the social web. I’m not sure how useful it is, at it totally failed to acknowledge any of the 72 lists I’m on as well as any retweets of my posts.

Loving too, the new Hootsuite (my, it does everything!) including its neat “Hootlet” bookmarklet and scheduled tweets.