E-learning and social media links

"The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing" John Powell

A collection of the most useful websites and blogs I’ve come across in the past month: e-learning and social media


  • The BBC’s learning design toolkit incorporates some familiar elements of thinking about learning, with some new approaches in a conceptual toolkit intended to guide the work of anyone involved in learning design and deployment.
  • Odijoo.com thanks to @kevinmulryne for this one. “Create, Teach, and Sell your Training courses. A free learning platform that is SCORM compliant. Sounds too good to be true!
  • Top 10 Photo Fixing and Image Editing Tricks I’m compiling a list of graphics tutorials, sources of graphics and tips and tricks for creating graphics for e-learning and the web, but while it’s still in preparation, here’s a very useful blog post with some of the most useful hints I’ve seen (via @RobinGood)

Social media and web

  • Uservoice.com I love those vertical feedback buttons you see on so many sites now – quick and simple way to get feedback and visitor engagement in a forum. Can have one forum for personal or trial use for free, to get private forums and moderation tools pay levels start at $19/month. However, there’s great offer of 50% off for non-profits until end of June.
  • Facebook privacy scanner Checks your settings (by looking in from the outside). Any help with navigating the maze that is Facebook privacy is very welcome :)
  • Another excellent Commoncraft video in the Plain English series: Protecting reputations online

For a bit of fun

  • Swearjarr.com Put in your Twitter username and get a measurement of how “foulmouthed” you are on Twitter. I was fine until I started tweeting about peacocks!