I’ll definitely follow you on Twitter if…

Twitter icon

I’ll definitely follow you on Twitter if…

… you catch my attention!

There are several ways to increase one’s number of followers on Twitter – it’s been shown  for example that a profile picture of a smiling head photo is more likely to attract followers than a depersonalised icon, Twitter default, or emotionless face. What really makes me follow you, however, is the relevance of your posts. If you follow me, then I usually have a quick look at your profile. I want to see your location (those iPhone numbers put me off instantly – I know they’re very interesting if that’s your thing, but I’m not into iPhone apps, iPads and so on), your short biography that immediately tells me if you’re into mobile learning or running communities and a web link to follow, usually a blog or website where I can find out what you like to talk about.  Most of all, I will look at your most recent posts. If they’re all about having coffee and watching football, then that’s fine, but I won’t be following you. If you’ve shared links, responded to other people, and talked about relevant profsessional matters (and maybe a few personal tweets too!), then I almost certainly will click “Follow”.

So how do you attract my attention? You can try following me – but the best way is to respond to one of my own posts.  Even if I don’t follow you I read all the @helenrf posts, and I’ll love it if you enter into a dialogue and say something interesting about a topic I’m concerned about. I might also notice you if someone I’m following mentions you in a tweet as an @reply or a #’FF, for example or you comment on my blog or the blogs I read – or if you retweet one of my tweets.

I bet this applies to everyone. Wouldn’t you rather follow someone who appears interested in what you say and has something to say about the same things?

And when I’ve followed you, I hope you find what I say interesting too, and follow me, then we can have a great conversation :) I love Twitter for that. Thank you for your fascinating and informative tweets.