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With the way Facebook changes almost daily, it’s good to get some useful information from those who make it their business to keep up to date with it and particularly with the way that groups and “fan” pages work, an area that has changed a lot recently (along with Facebook privacy).

Lucas Cobb at Inspired Mag lists 15 Applications For A Better Facebook Fan Page.  Covering Facebook apps like poll, discussion board and ways to share and embed video and slide decks, links to other social media profiles and programs.

From Kevin Tate on Ecommerce Times, a detailed explanation of four critical steps for Fuelling the Momentum of Your Facebook Fan Page:

  1. develop a strategy;
  2. create a solid presence;
  3. motivate your fans to take action; and
  4. use Facebook to amplify other campaigns, promotions and marketing activities.

All excellent advice for anyone wanting to make the most of their company Facebook page.

And from Alex Astell on the Startup Donut advice on 10 ways to attract and retain Facebook fans from the type and frequency of updates to the kind of graphics and multimedia to feature.

Meanwhile Tia Fisher on the eModeration blog looks at the potentially thorny issue of Who should be the creator and admin of your Facebook Fan Page? Although page admins can add or remove other admins, there is currently no way to take away admin status from the creator of a Page, so if someone moves on or leaves, they remain as an admin. The solution to this is to set up a page which is not owned by a profile using an email address which is generic i.e. owned by the organisation or company and which can be passed on when the admin changes.

I always use specially setup email addresses for any community assets I create. It is the same with Ning – the person who sets it up is the administrator and that “person” and address can’t be changed. So for a Facebook fan page or any other asset, it pays to keep yourself informed – by following on Twitter and reading the blogs of the people who make it their business to know the latest! That way you’re only just behind them – on Twitter it can be just a few minutes before you get all the information sifted and presented in an easily understandable blog post. The social media community is a great resource.