Videocasting with is an alternative to YouTube, but is not precisely the same kind of thing. is “a next-generation television network.” which makes available user-produced web tv shows. Rather than viral videos or those intended to sell a product or service, focuses on original Web shows. It invites “sitcoms, news magazines, nature shows, dramas, science fiction shows or tech review shows: … about wine or beer, poker or exercise and healthy living.”

Their services include technology, workflow automation, business development, distribution, marketing and advertising sales. As of July 2009 they claim 22,000,000 viewers who watch shows every month.

“The most important thing is that you have a brand of some kind, that you release new episodes on a somewhat regular basis, and that you’re intending to build a show and a fan base.” An advertising programme is available with revenuws shared 50/50 with the show producer. It automatically distributes content across the web, including to YouTube, Flickr, Vimeo, TiVo etc.

To set up a account:

  • Access
  • Click Sign Up! (top right hand corner)
  • Fill in your details and accept the terms and conditions, then click Sign Up

Uploading a video only takes a couple of clicks, and you can add tags to your shows to make them easier to find.

Some of my recent discoveries on include:

Overall, very easy to use, and better quality than YouTube, plus useful distribution tools. However, it still seems that most of the business-oriented videos are pretty much advertising products or services, despite’s claims!

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