Social media, learning and online communities: best of recent blogs and articles

Some of the more interesting blog posts and articles I’ve bookmarked recently include:

Social mediaTwitter

The Official Guide to Twitter “Twitter 101 for Business” (from Twitter) Twitter’s own take on how to use it for business: what kinds of things businesses are using Twitter for as part of their social media strategy.  We’ve been running workshops on how to use Twitter for a while now, and our very practical approach is always welcomed by both beginners and those who’ve been using Twitter for a while but want to improve their effectiveness.

How to Promote an Event Using Social Media by John Jantsch on Open Forum.  Some interesting tools and ideas, mostly relating to American events, but some sites are global and there are UK or European versions of others.  Read more of this post

Some Links for Creating and Managing Your Own LinkedIn Group from Michele Martin. Attendees at our workshops on LinkedIn find a practical approach and step by step how to guidelines are always very useful. Resources like this one (thanks Michele) are linked from our community resources page for each workshop which attendees gain access to, as well as the downloads and handouts and presentations material from our own workshops.

Learning and communities

Many of our projects involve the development, setting up and management of communities of practice for those in a single workplace, or an industry, or with important needs in common, such as our Beyond 9 to 5 community for those interested in remote and flexible working, whether as enployers, employees,  freeleancers or new businesses. Informal and non-forlmal learning opportunities are a key part of such communities.  David Wilkins talks about “Learning 2.0 and Workplace Communities” on the Learning Circuits blog.

Slideshare: ‘Self organisation and the Management of Virtual Student Learning‘ from Steve Wheeler is more focused on formal educational settings in HE and FE.

International Journal of Education and development using ICT (online journal), via @NikPeachey. I’ve been interested in ICT for development ever since I started to run an international community for the United Nations covering ICT in Higher Education. some interesting articles from around the world in this journal.

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