ColdFusion skills dying out?

According to Global Knowledge, a CISCO trainer, there are a variety of IT skills which are dying – in that the demand for these skills is dying. And apparently ColdFusion is one of them. Taking figures from US job postings, Global Knowledge discuss the “death” of ColdFusion:

“ColdFusion users rave that this Web programming language is easy to use and quick to jump into, but as many other independent software tools have experienced, it’s hard to compete with products backed by expensive marketing campaigns from Microsoft and others. The language was originally released in 1995 by Allaire, which was acquired by Macromedia (which itself was purchased by Adobe). Today, it is superseded by Microsoft .Net, Java, PHP and the language of the moment: open source Ruby on Rails.”

I had many happy years hacking ColdFusion code, but have been meaning to find a better solution for a while now (as soon as I get time to reprogramme all that CF..). I’ve found that PHP programmers are in such demand I can’t find a good one available… Perhaps also I should look at Ruby on Rails, as I’ve heard good things about it.