Simplybox – storing and sharing what you find on the Web

Simplybox is an online bookmarking site with a difference. It’s like a clippings tool. See a headline or a piece of text or an image on a website that you’d like to keep or share? Simplybox can be used to”snapshot” any part of a web page and save it as a visual image with any notes and extra information that you’d like to add. Each item is saved in a”box” which you can share with others by email. You can have any number of boxes arranged within containers. To use this tool you have to download and install a browser toolbar, which might put off some people, but it does make collecting your clippings easy. Possible uses:

  • Collecting snapshots of your own web mentions, such as Twitter posts.
  • Collecting items relating to a particular project or topic (work or leisure)
  • Making the results of research available to groups of colleagues, classmates or your students

I’d like to see it possible to embed in a blog or website a link to or visual representation of a box and I don’t see an easy way to get back to the Simplybox homepage once you’re logged in, but as a bookmarking and research tool it looks useful. I’ll be using it to collect examples of logos etc. that I like, to share with colleagues working on a project for which we’re currently designing the visual identity.

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