How to get great images for better presentations

A presentation using appropriate images can really make a statement for maximum impact (see Presentations that make a statement). Preparing such a presentation – finding just the right images – can, however, take longer than just collecting a few bullet points in black on a white background or a standard Powerpoint template.

So where can you find the best pictures?  There are lots available on the Web – but remember that most pictures are the copyright of someone, even on the Internet (even if it doesn’t say so), and you should be sure that you have permission to use the images in the way that you intend, particularly if it will be a public presentation.

So how can you get copyright-free images?

If you do use someone else’s work in a presentation, article or blog that is posted on the web or published anywhere, no matter where it comes from, it is good practice to credit the copyright owner/photographer and — where possible — inform them that their work is being used and what for.

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