Handy programs to put on a USB stick

The first program I really felt I needed to carry around with me was Audacity – it was a program I was using a lot to introduce lecturers to podcasting, and it wasn’t installed by default on the University’s computers. So here’s a great idea – keeping a selection of useful programs on a USB stick/flash drive. Useful for any trainer, especially in those institutional settings where you don’t have admin access to the computer.

Audacity portable is here along with other portable applications from the same source.

Portable Apps is a menu driven ‘work suite’ for your flash drive (or any external drive – could be a external hard drive). You download the PortableApps.exe file, and when you run the setup (choosing either a full or a lightweight version) it installs working applications on your flash drive.

If you’re not convinced, read a review of portableapps and another from Web Worker Daily

Here’s a list from Snapfiles (with the downloads)

More tips from the blog Less Gravity

An alternative site of portable apps from the Italians Winpenpack