Mothers starting more new businesses

The BBC reports today on the number of “mums” starting their own businesses. Apparently the number of women working for themselves has leapt by nearly 20% since 2000, according to official figures, and now tops a million.

It’s not surprising that more and more people – and not just mums either! – are setting up for themselves. The biggest motivation for going it alone – according to 70% of those polled by a Government survey – was to be able to work more flexibly, and get a better work/life balance.

Anyone who starts a new business knows that you have to work much smarter if not harder to make it in business. It isn’t an easy option. Nevertheless three out of four people said that their work/life balance was better when they ran their own business, according to the YouGov survey.

Some interesting stories on the BBC website  and to be reported on The Money Programme: Mum’s The Business, on BBC2 7pm, this evening, Friday 8 August. (Something of a niche interest then – as the programme is competing against the Olympics opening ceremony!)

We are still looking for stories – from mums and from anyone else – who have made a big change in working patterns to get a better work/life balance. If you have such a story please do contribute to our collaborative project The Turning Point at our flexible working site, Beyond9to5.

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