A community of French artists inspired by a 7-year-old

Central ITV news filmed me in a mini workshop at a school in Nottingham. Yesterday the story ran on prime time local news about the search by a group of young French artists to find the artist who drew Fat Gourg in our Kids on the Net project, Monster Motel. Luke has been found and is stunned to be an international celebrity nine years after creating a monster at the age of 7.

What a lovely story this is about how the Internet can be an opportunity for children to write (and draw etc.) for a world audience, and inspire a whole new group of young people! All writing that is submitted to Kids on the Netis fully moderated and published so safely that it took 5 years, a newspaper, a TV station and thousands of French fans to find Luke.

It’s wonderful that they were able to find Luke and interview him! Meanwhile, the current crop of children at his old school, Oakthorpe Primary, have submitted their own monsters who reside on the Monster Motel website in Fat Gourg’s Friends annex.

The story about how Luke was found is covered today in the Leicester Mercury newspaper