Libraries and Librarians in the Blogosphere

Here are some of the most representative library blogs I’ve found. Some librarian blogs are among the best blogs I’ve read. Must be something about librarians and information… From the UK, USA and Australia.

Peter Scott’s Library Blog Links

Cambridge University Medical Library Facts

Spineless (Heriot Watt) Facts and Opinions

ILS Blog, University of Worcester Opinions

Library Suggestion Blog (Virginia Commonwealth)

Theoretical Librarian Occasional

Eclectic Librarian opinions

Hey Jude (Winner of Best Library Blog in the EduBlog awards 2006)

The L Files Facts and Opinions

Plus some examples of types of blog
•Academic blog – the Adelie blog
•Group blog – Leeds University e-learning
•Personal blog – Stephen Downes
•Business blog – iQubed blog
•Conference blog – Women Business & Blogging