Learning from Greece…

A librarian colleague told me today about her success in using a new presentation technique.

The Introduction to the library and how to use it probably isn’t one of the most exciting things that happen to new students in Fresher’s Week … so no doubt librarians in Universities up and down the country are trying to make their sessions more interesting and engaging.

The Kefalonian Technique worked well for my colleague. It was adapted by a librarian from a presentation by holiday reps in Greece. It sounds like it’s adaptable to a wide variety of presentations where facts have to be got across.

Firstly, lively music is played as the attendees come into the room (to wake them up), and something more soothing is played at the end as they leave.

Instead of just going through a series of slides, printed questions are handed out as the attendees enter, and the presenter then asks for the questions which may come in any order. To make sure that certain questions ARE asked in the right order, colours are used, for example, the presenter first asks for a yellow question.

The audience don’t know there’s only one yellow question: “Who are you?” which obviously has to be first.

Sounds like a good idea to me! Thanks Heather!