Links for week commencing 17th September

Creative Learning Activities with Moodle

Interesting set of slides from Paula de Waal at Padua University about being creative in using the tools available in Moodle. Ideas also applicable for other VLEs – we can all try to be more creative about the tools we’ve got.

A bit trivial – but an intriguing blog story:
An American “mommy blogger” gained notoriety from this listing on eBay…m=130144061675

You then need to read her blog (which is very funny infact) to see what the notoriety did to her blog hits.

More blogs:
Bioethics Bites – a a collection of resources to assist in the teaching of bioethics. This project was established and is maintained by Chris Willmott at the University of Leicester, UK. There are presently three members of the BioethicsBytes team – Chris, Bonnie Green and David Willis.

And Microbiology Bytes “the latest news about microbiology, in a form that everyone can understand.” This site is created by Alan Cann, also at the University of Leicester. He also has a blog entirely about frogs

And also (from Alan Cann’s education blog) draft guidelines for using external web 2.0 services from the University of Edinburgh.