Crime Online: How web-writers subvert the genre of crime fiction

New media is a completely new form of writing, but it has evolved from other media and genres.

Writers have developed poetry, programming, video and cartoons, to name just a few. Here are some creative web-writing projects that have taken crime writing as inspiration, in various ways.

Online crime magazines, SHOTS

Crime Writers’ Association

TrAce Online Writing School which has an online course in Writing Crime and Mystery Fiction

Writer of Roman historical detective novels… Lindsey Davis

Molly Brown’s website, accompanying her period whodunnit “Invitation to a Funeral”

Tangled Web UK


The Heist: A hypertext crime novel, a bit primitive by today’s standards, by Walter Sorrel

Clues: Rob Kendall’s poem series dressed up as a noir mystery

MOOs are one way to role-play online and there have certainly been crimes in cyberspace, the most well-known being a rape which occurred in LambdaMOO, reported by Julian Dibbell in his noted essay, chapter one of his book My Tiny Life

M is for Nottingham?

More of a game than literature…an online whodunnit