Flash Poetry

I’m quite fond of Flash poetry.

But sometimes I wonder if the multimedia actually adds anything to the text.

From Thom Swiss’ collaborative Flash poetry

I look at Flood, in which the form really suits the content, and Shy Boy, which I think would be just as powerful in simple plain text, because the Flash doesn’t add anything – at least not for me….

I like Deena Larsen’s Carving in Possibilities in frAme 6 and Firefly in Poems That Go

Another of my favourite Flash poets is Peter Howard.

I love his Poppy

anmd I even took his Animated Poetry in Flash course at the trAce Online Writing School – only to realise that

  • I am not a poet
  • Flash isn’t easy to use
  • Flash poetry is an artform I’m not going to master

So it’s back to quirky hypertexts for me….

Meanwhile a favourite print poet with a website is Alison Brackenbury

But I suppose I have to declare an interest – I’m her webmistress. But it’s one of my pleasantest jobs adding new poems to her site.