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Social Networks for Entrepreneurs

I’ve a few clients asking about how best to network online, and which portals/sites/communities are worth signing up to and bring results. Of course, it depends on what “results” you want – there are different communities around for businesses at different stages, sectors, geographic locations, etc. Facebook has several internal

The world in 3D

Maps have been around for a long time, but trying to represent a 3D world in 2D has not been easy and we are used to looking at what are actually distorted representations. Until now, online maps have been the same… However Google and Microsoft are beginning to change all

Why blog?

A blog: poses questions references other sources of information is about a topic that makes you (and other people) think can have a subject OR a context that links the posts: the context can be a what (sheds, a hobby) or a why – it gives the user an understanding

Pay me to be you online?

Rory Cellan-Jones writing on the BBC website says “I met somebody the other day who told me that online networking was so important, and he didn’t have the time, he was paying somebody to be him online. To blog, network, post etc . £1,000 a month too. “ I would

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