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Fanfiction …

…has a vocabulary all its own slash = homoerotic relationships between main characters. Derived from the slash between Kirk/Spock which was the first type, before fanfic even moved online shipper site = relationshipper = site about romances between two previously platonic characters in a series/book site clique ??? (maybe what


Another area of interest Creativity and Cognition (the conference last October 13-16 at Loughborough) a “highly interactive, engaging and surprising traveling exhibit that focuses on the similarities between the way children and adults play and the creative processes used by innovators in science and technology.”

New media adaptations of “old-media” material

Barry Smylie (animation), Susan Katz (poetry), Ryan Douglas (music) Their Flash translation of (more inspiration from) Homer’s Iliad, Book 18 (Achilles’ Immortal Shield) Also Pepys’ Diary by Phil Gyford Pushkin Translation Designed by Megan Sapnar / Translated by Dmitry Brill and a Garden of Proserpine Written by A.C. Swinburne

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