Women, Business and Blogging

We both attended the Women, Business and Blogging conference at De Montfort University last Friday 8th June.

The speakers were fascinating (lots more detail on these on Helen Whitehead’s blog Periodic Fable): Meg Pickard of Guardian Unlimited, Eileen Brown of Microsoft and Jory des Jardins of BlogHer.

They presented some information I already knew – after all I have been blogging for five years now, and train lecturers in blogging techniques – but confirmed a lot of my personal opinions and raised various issues that bloggers should be aware of.

There was a lot of buzz about how great women are at blogging. They are natural sharers. Got a great new pair of shoes? You’ll want to tell everyone where you got them and what a bargain they were. Companies can harness this natural networking ability to create a buzz about their products and services.

There was also discussion about the voice one uses in a blog – how much of yourself do you put into a business blog, for example? Also, about identity and safety online – the need to manage one’s online presence – and the impossibility of managing what other people say about you (which in some cases can be distressing).

Eileen had a robust attitude – and a great job title, Technology Evangelist – as Microsoft is always going to come in for criticism. She responds to comments but doesn’t delete them, which I’m not sure I’m yet brave enough to do!

Here is an inspiring video about the new Web which she alerted us to:
Web 2.0 … The Machine is Us/ing Us

More about the conference on its blog here