The same moment, from another point of view


We were just wandering over the bridge. Brad were singing this silly song 'n' Joe were laughing and not looking where he were going.

He were just having fun, he likes a good time, and it weren't his fault he fell over the kerb just as we got to the middle of the bridge.

There were a crowd coming t'other way 'n' he knocked this girl's shoulder 'n' her handbag slipped off.

The chap with her, he thought Joe were trying to pinch it or something. Do we look like muggers? I were in my new jeans. You don't get muggers wearing hundred dollar jeans do you?

So Joe, he says "Watch out, yer daft 'apporth."

'N' this chap seems to think Joe were shouting abuse, so he comes back with some mouthful and the girl she shoves me and I begin to see red.

I hit him.

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