The same moment, from another point of view


As we crossed the bridge I was arguing with Claire. It was an amicable kind of argument. I was saying that the Sex Pistols were middle-aged past-its who were trying to capitalise on former fame and nostalgia to raise a few more millions for their pension schemes.

Well, these three lads were coming the other way. I think they'd already had a bit to drink because they were weaving all over the road. I don't think Claire saw them.

All of a sudden one of them — a longhaired loutish sort — lurched against Claire.

Well, I thought he was going for her bag, so I pulled her away.

He shouted something at me. Some insult or other. Well, it didn't warrant that kind of abuse, and that's what I told him:

"There's no need for that!" I said, or words to that effect, and well, he seemed to think it was a deadly insult!

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