We bare our limbs to celebrate the sun,
inventing scenes of sexual desire.
In shallow pool in Speedos you have won
the water cool excitement you require;
while I direct warm rays inside my thighs.
It feels ok like this to ask, Have you
decided yet on girls or boys?
Blue skies
inspire a clear and unaffected view.
More ways than one to have an outing here.
But I’m too ordinary to be gay
is all you give. I aim to persevere.
I squint, resist defeat, suggest we play
at frisbee – see who gets the upper hand.
Two siblings chasing patterns in the sand.

That afternoon I walk you through the dune.
I know we can be hidden here; you may
begin to talk. It’s here that lovers spoon,
where, overcome with sun by end of day,
I pressed my heat against her tender parts.
I’m thinking this when Boys, alright! But say
I wanted children – well – what then?
My heart’s
in freeze. The thought can not be waved away.
For she of spoons has met a married man
and, as we speak, she’s relishing his genes.
A love affair? Or just a lesbian
exploring sex and all its in-betweens?
Old footprints, now, no hope of their retrace.
I settle for a brother’s fond embrace.

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