Word for 2021

My word for 2021 is CREDO

It’s an acronym:

C = creativity.  I’m starting with some creativity challenges, including writing.  In 2020 I felt blocked. So I’m going to flex my writing (or creative) “muscles” every day. And because that makes me feel good, I’ll do it as early in the day as possible.

R = relaxation.  I feel much better when I’ve had enough sleep, so I’ll prioritise this. Getting enough sleep, and/or relaxation exercises when I haven’t been able to get enough sleep.  There’s a bit of yoga nidra in here as well. And when part of a CREDO hour, this is relaxation and meditation.

E = exercise. It’s good for everything, isn’t it? But while steps are important, I want to add more strengthening and flexibility exercises to my exercise timetable, as well as the walking, dancing (alone rather than in a circle at present!) and cold water swimming I do. So, some yoga…

D = diet. Eating preoperly also important. Hopefully eating better will help in losing weight. I became quite lax in 2020 and gradually slipped back into eating too many carbs. I feel better if I don’t. So – spend your carbs right…

O = optimism. This is tough as I’m usually a pessimist. And there’s no point in aiming for a positivity that isn’t achievable (see “toxic positivity”). So maybe OPPORTUNITY instead. Like a gratitude journal, but looking forward. What are the good things that I can make happen today?

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