Refreshing tired rooms

curtaun fabric

Curtain fabric is Villa Nova Norrland Indigo

We’ve finally started revamping our main and main spare bedrooms this year. We have put up with an ancient carpet in our bedroom for far too long. And the curtains were actually made for the living room of our first house 30 years ago…  To get a carpet you need to empty the room and that’s always seemed a big ask.  As we needed to get some electrical work done as well, this year we went for it.

Now we have a soft new carpet you can lose your feet in, and some lovely new curtains and I wonder why we let it go for so long. A bedroom may not be the main room in a house but it’s one you spend a great deal of time in.

Sometimes refurbishing is done just before selling a house, to attract buyers. However, surely the people who live in it have deserved nice surroundings too, perhaps for a long time! Now that our bedroom is updated I’m looking at other areas with new eyes: there are too many shabby areas that I’ve been putting up with.  I’m very hot on functionality, and tend to go for function before beauty, but even so I could do better. A fresh, clean and tidy environment is much more peaceful and inspiring than a cluttered shabby one.

We are never going to be minimalists, and prefer comfortable clutter to perfect tidiness (it’s never going to be “Instagram perfect”!), but there’s a better balance that we could achieve that is functional but still attractive.

And oh it is lovely to get out of bed and have my bare feet sink into what feels as soft as a wolf pelt!