Case studies: Twitter for learning

Those of us who use Twitter as a Personal Learning Network tool (PLN) don’t need convincing that Twitter is useful for learning. There are innumerable resources discussing this, and even more describing and explaining how to use Twitter for personal learning and for social learning. Jane Hart covers the basics and more in her online handbook on How to use Twitter for Social Learning and Andy Ramsden has written a good introduction in Using micro-blogging (Twitter) in your teaching and learning: An introductory guide (PDF) (University of Bath).

In this post I’m concerned with Twitter used by an academic or teacher in a formal or semi-formal way with learners, and I’ve looked for case studies which specifically address the use of Twitter in this way. It’s by way of an introduction to ways you can use Twitter for learning. For those who use Twitter themselves and want to move on and try using it with learners, there are some inspiring uses of Twitter to draw on, here.

A couple of school level examples first:

Now for some formal HE case studies

Some blog posts and articles

Now some presentations and papers

Can we use Twitter for educational activities?

Tony McNeill on Twittering in Higher Education: a presentation discussing four case studies showing different uses of Twitter:

  • broadcast medium
  • conversational medium
  • learning community
  • data collection tool

Twitter in Higher Education

Further links (blog posts)

Teaching with Twitter by Steve Wheeler

and Twitter tweets for Higher Education – the comments are almost the best thing about this post – lots of real-life experience reported.

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