Five simple ways to work smarter

Show me someone who doesn’t want to save time and work more effectively, and I’ll show you someone who’s about to retire! Most of us can do with tools and techniques to help us get more done by working smarter. Here are my top 5 suggestions:

  1. Inbox rules: most people don’t take advantage of the powerful features in their email software. With inbox rules you can categorise your email and and keep up with mailing lists and alerts while dealing with only the most urgent email immediately
  2. RSS: Using an RSS reader to subscribe to key websites and, in my case, the many courses I am associated with, is a quick and easy way to keep in touch – along with Twitter and a development of rapid scanning skills so I can pick out which are worth further attention
  3. Naming and organising files and folders: even the most aware of us sometimes get bogged down in a file and folder system that no longer weeks. Regular overhaul of the file structure is the best wayto keep on top of the most efficient way to categories your files so that you’re not spending too much time searching for information.
  4. Good calendar: a good calendar or diary system, whether it’s paper or online will keep track of everything you need to do, be easily editable (Liz is never seen without a Tippex mouse!)and accessible in a variety of contexts – when you’re in the office, at home or in a client meeting.
  5. A good To Do or task list: we use Wrike but there are lots of other solutions to task list management ranging from simple to do lists to sophisticated project management

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