From Joanna

— the phone call

Hello? Paula speaking

It's Joanna

Yes? Hi, Joanna. How are you?

Not very well actually. Paula ...

Joanna! What's the matter

It's the baby.

I've lost the baby.

Oh no! Joanna!
I don't know what to say.

Nobody does.

Are you all right?

I'M OK, it's the baby that's not.

Tim — is he with you?

Yes, he's here

Is he OK?

What do you think?

And Mum, have you told Mum?

She brought me home from the hospital.

Oh, Joanna. Did you have any warning?

No, everything was fine until yesterday, then ...
Look, Paula, I can't discuss it just now. You ...

I understand ...

No you don't, you can't understand. You had an easy pregnancy and Jamie was born OK. You have no idea.

Jo - an - na!

I told you I wasn't in any state to talk about it. I'll get back to you when I can — if I can.
I just wanted to let you know.

What happens now?

I'll let you know when we've arranged the funeral.

Do you know, I had to go through it, just as if she was alive...

She.... oh...

Yes. I'll contact you again. I just can't — got to go...

Joanna? Joanna?


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Helen Whitehead

Dissertation for
MA in Writing

Nottingham Trent University

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