Jeans for Genes

Date: 2 October 1997 10:42
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Subject: Jeans for Genes Day
OK folks

Here's the details of the Jeans for Genes events.

The big day is 10th October 1997.

Everyone in Biological Sciences is invited to come to work in jeans that day and contribute 1.
The students in the Genetics Dept. are running a second-hand book stall from 11 am until 2 pm in the main foyer. Books still wanted, and please come and browse!

I'm hosting an Open House at 38 Morel Road from 4 pm onwards.
There'll be games and activities for kids, and quizzes and so on for adults, with appropriate refreshments (donations of cakes welcome). My son Jamie is is 4 on Sunday so there'll be something of a birthday party atmosphere (he thinks that's what it's all about). His little friend Emily, who has cystic fibrosis, will also be there, reminding us what it's all about. Bring your wallets!

If you need to know more about the cause, try
the Jeans For Genes website on

or Emily's CF Website on

Hope you can come!

See you on the 10th.


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Helen Whitehead

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