Once upon a time there was a Season of Inspiration online writing course. Then there was another one, and another, all led by co-tutors Sharon Rundle and Helen Whitehead. Inspired by the excellent quality of writing time after time by the participants in the Season of Inspiration online writing courses, we have put together a collection of pieces written by members from all Season of Inspiration courses. Our writers are a variety of ages, nationalities and occupations, and have lived in many different and inspiring places around the world.

Our theme is Memories from around the world.

Many of these pieces are autobiography, some are fictionalised, fiction based on real experience, or poetry.

Please dive in and enjoy the varied writing.

Copyright statement

Copyright on pieces in The Peacock Mosaic remains with the authors who grant Memosaic a licence to use the work for the website and for any print publication, publicity or academic report directly associated with the Memosaic project. For   any other purpose the consent of the author is needed.

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