The Secret Meeting

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  • James: It's those truck payments that are killing us. They gave me a baby dress and we don't even have a baby. There's no way to flog it, and the pawnbroker don't even give us more than a penny or two!
  • Sam: My Dora's been taken ill and she can't do any seaming. It cost me a shillin' to get old Mary Banks to do it for us last week. I an't had anything but an onion to eat since yesterday morning.
  • Benjy: I think it's those cut-ups we should stop — if we're gonna break frames, let's make it them wide frames. Those Hosiers are putting us out of business by making those inferior stockings.
  • Ned: I don't know why we have to meet here in the cave. It's cold sitting on these thralls. We're sittin' in a pub cellar and I ain't even got the money for ale!
  • Child: I wish I could go to school. Father says that he needs me at home to do the winding, or how would he have enough bobbins? On Sunday I do go to Sunday school with my brother, Jack, but I wish I could go to school like other children.
  • Mary: Two pence per hour, that's all I get as a Runner. I spend hours and hours slogging my guts over sewing patterns on stockings and 10 shilings is all I earn in a week. And when two-thirds of it is paid in the tackiest clothing....what would you do?
  • Sarah: Well he's never been a violent man. He wouldn't harm a fly. But he works all the hours of daylight - and more - and every day of the week, and our kids are still going hungry.

For providing the voices we would like to thank Alexandra Whitehead (Child)
and Vince Haywood, Graeme Marshall, Mandy Keep, Marie-Louise Hall, Andrew Cooper and Dale Lancaster of High Pavement Sixth Form College, Nottingham.

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