The Club 10:30

From the bar Nat calls me over. She's not your typical bar person, there's not a cynical bone in her body. Even so she likes to talk the part.

"Hey, Talia. You look way too hot, girl." She stares at me knowingly and glances over at Maz and Art.

"Why don't you nip down to the cellar and cool off, we're running low on champagne."

I pretend not to understand what she is saying. "Its only 10.30. What are they doing, swimming in the stuff?"

"Your guess is as good as mine." She leans over the bar ready to impart the traditional bar wisdom. "Everyone is really hyper tonight. It's a new century coming up and things have got to change. Can't you feel the tension in the air? It's the start of the millennium - anything could happen." Her voice lowers dramatically.

"The question is: are you ready for it, kid?"

I shake my head sadly. Nat is doing Performance Arts at NTU and sometimes it shows. The sounds from the club are beginning to hit into top gear, but I know it's going to get worse before it gets better. I try to put a little more pep into my smile as I put my tray down and make my way towards the entrance of the cellar.

I pause and look at Nat meaningfully. "I need to get out of the smoke and heat before I do someone an injury. Two guesses who that would be?" We both look towards the corner of the club. She's not the only one who can play a little drama. I'm just trying not to let the impulse get the better of me.

Copyright © L J Winson 1997