The Club 10:15

Art and Maz arrived together five minutes ago. The bastard brought his 'ex' to the club.

"But you're working, darling. I couldn't come alone." I can hear his reasonable tones ringing in my ear. "I would hardly have brought her to 'The Shelter' if there was something going on, would I?" Yeah, right, and I'm the sugar plum fairy.

I catch my reflection in one of the mirrored columns and groan. Blond fluffy curls surround my oval face, the white dress hangs in silky folds down to my ankles. All that is missing are the wings. Hi, sugar plum.

Off in the corner I can see them cosied up together. She's wearing black, of course, and while my dress might not be too revealing, hers leaves nothing to the imagination. She's on form tonight, her red talons tracing a lazy path down Art's arm. I want to go over there and scratch her eyes out, but I won't. Instead I walk over and kiss Art on the lips. His response is satisfyingly enthusiastic. I can feel Maz's anger, and I smile sweetly, taking my time, slowly stepping back. Art salutes me with his glass, clearly enjoying every moment. I turn to go, just catching his closing parry.

"Hey angel, how about another drink this century?"

Copyright © L J Winson 1997