Top tools for learning technology

Evernote - favourite tool

Evernote – favourite tool

Steve Wheeler recently asked “What would be the 8 technologies you couldn’t possibly do without?”  This is also a question Jane Hart has asked every year to get the compiled 100 best tools for elearning (2012 results and Vote for your top 10 for 2013).

My current top few are:

1. Evernote – my favourite app of the moment. I keep picking up my pen, making a mark on the notepaper, and then choosing Evernote instead. It syncs so beautifully and all I want now is reminders on the PC version (it may have them but I can’t get my PC app to update, it fails every time). I will need an Evernote premium account eventually but I’m intrigued to see how far I can get with the free version.

2. Nexus 4 – I’ll have to include my phone – Android of course and now that I have sold my soul to Google & Evernote, my phone links and syncs beautifully

3. Google – I’d use more Google products if they didn’t keep abandoning them :( Google calendar, contacts, my Google account and everything it comes with, and for the time being iGoogle until it goes.

4. Feedly – now that Google Reader has gone (which would have easily made it onto my top tools list) I am using Feedly as my RSS reader. It is a good reader, but it definitely isn’t as easy to add subscriptions :(

5. Twitter – didn’t realise until I got suspended how much I would miss it for connecting with my professional network and keeping up with what others in the sector are doing

6. Moodle – can’t believe I’ve got to 6 in the list of tools without a single learning technology yet! Moodle is my learning environment of choice

7. Carrying on with the learning technology theme finally, I’ll include Xpert attribution – a way to find creative commons licensed images. Saves so much time!

8. There are many other learning and useful technologies to choose from, but I’m on the last of 8. If I was to carry on I’d say Xerte Online Toolkits, WordPress, Camtasia … but I’m going to plump for Kaltura which is our latest tool at work for sharing videos and is a sort of internal YouTube for the University. Loving the simplicity of it.

I’ve done this before, and it’s interesting to see how different this list is from even a couple of years ago.