OLDSMOOC – End of week 2


At the beginning of the week I had my aims and objectives and I think I have (just about) met them.

  • Get back on track and catch up – well more or less!
  • Decide whether scenarios are for me –  well, with personas, quite possibly. I do like to spend some time thinking about exactly how my learners will behave, and like to ask them too, so personas and scenarios are fairly natural to me.
  • Explore the Personas & Force Maps and Ecology of Resources (EoR) Design Framework and try one of them. Well I tried the Force Map but I didn’t really “get it” :(  Still, I am continuing to think about it, and may have further ideas on this.
  • Read and comment on at least 2 other participants’ portfolio updates for week 2. Well, I’ve responded to a few people, inside Team Lost and outside it, but I’m not sure I’ve been particularly helpful!

I do think I achieved my objectives – but what with battling the snow into and out of work, I haven’t had a lot of time again!  I may have found yet another learning design project to work on :)