Top tips for using Twitter

We had a great seminar last week when two groups of local businesspeople discovered the power of Twitter. Here are some of the top tips on and opinions about using Twitter garnered from the best possible source – Twitter users themselves. Thanks to everyone credited.

  1. You can’t control the conversation about you, your company, or your brand. You can, however, participate in it. @Twitegy)
  2. I only follow people with profile info, preferably weblinks, and a tweeting history (unless known personally) (@johnpopham)
  3. Just stopped myself publishing info about my children’s medical history in case it is Googled when they go for employment @paulbradshaw
  4. Organisations don’t Tweet, people do. I wish this was reflected in Twitter names @euan
  5. “Community is the new brand.” Don’t push your message, build social capital around it. Ppl will do the work for you. @edwardharran
  6. A guide to Twitter: 10 ways Twitter is useful for a PR practitioner @drewb
  7. If you DM [direct message] someone asking a question, make sure that you are following them so they can message you back. @JamesFrancisIM
  8. Find someone you admire and follow some of their followers
  9. Remember, tweets are indexed, people will find you from searches. Consider NOT abbreviating keywords (or anything) in tweets! @clydeboom
  10. You can “Favorite” tweets you want to keep track of (click the little star next to the tweet). That’s how I collected these tips…

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