How to make the best use of social networking to market your business

You’ll find Reach Further partners in many social networking spaces – we “practice what we preach” and are members of many social networks and online communities. Time is finite, so we’ve found it makes sense to carefully choose the networks and communities that you belong to. Choose those that have the right kind of demographic for your business.

For example, I don’t bother with MySpace and Bebo, although a poet friend loves MySpace for finding readers. That’s because the users of MySpace are generally young and not likely to be our potential clients. Other professionals have recommended Plaxo. We definitely use LinkedIn – not the biggest of the networks but designed to put professionals in touch with one another. Some consultants have reported that all their business is now coming through LinkedIn.

I also use Facebook. We work a lot with Universities, and while the profile of Facebook users is on the whole again very young, the older users that there are tend to be related to the University sector where our clients are. If you can find a network that is related to your industry or market sector then it may have far fewer members than the big networks, but be much more useful for making contacts that benefit your business.  The demographics of sites may also be different in the US from the situation in Europe or in the UK itself. Check information about social network demographics, relating the results to your own geolocation and industry.

 I’ll leave the last word on this subject to my favourite cartoonist blogger, Rob Cottingham on where do the cool kids hang out?

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