Social Media – numbers increasing

The Trendspotting blog reported on a recent survey of social media usage.

Universal McCann recently published its comparative study following Social Media trends in three waves: September 2006 (Wave 1), June 2007 (Wave 2) March 2008 (Wave 3).Trendspotting’s post highlights major results in the study including:

  1. Social media is a global phenomenon and Asian areas (not including Japan) are creating more content than any other region.
  2. All social media platforms have grown significantly with Video Clips as the quickest growing medium.
  3. 57% of users have joined a Social Network.
  4. There are 184m bloggers world-wide – 73% in the survey have read a blog, 45% have started a blog.
  5. More evidence shows that consumers are affected by blogs – 34% blog about products and brands and 36% think more positively about companies that have blogs.

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