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Teaching and Learning resources from QIA: includes material from the teaching and learning subject packs. is a free online service providing you with access to the very best Web resources for education and research. Results of search for “Motor Engineering”

New Engineering Foundation aims to provide a unified approach to the description and cataloguing of electronic learning resources for engineering. We are building an internet resource catalogue and other services which we hope will help lecturers select and access suitable computer- and web-based learning materials for their courses.


Online welding course (based on one from the US Navy)

Do other such courses use elearning?

Jayne Holt, Director of E-learning at Walsall College, explained that “There is a different approach to e-learning in different areas of the college: for engineering and motor vehicle mechanics we have got simulation equipment whereby computers simulate electronics or hydraulics and similar systems. We apply e-learning to whatever the need is of the area and whatever is appropriate”.

Electronic systems

This resource from the New Engineering Foundation is about electronic systems and fibre optics in the modern car.

How could this be adapted for online use?

One way would be to supply the introduction as a web-page, followed by a discussion of the problems of traditional cables to connect units within the car’s electrical system and a series of links to fibre optics.


From Portsmouth Highbury College, Self diagnosis and trouble codes in cars (a multimedia resource)

You can create resources like this by using, e.g., Powerpoint.

Virtual car is a package developed at the University of Washington. It is available as a downloadable file from the website. The purpose is to allow students to quickly design toy cars and then to build and race them. Computer aided drawing is used to design the toy cars, and choice of different materials is allowed. Analysis can be done on the cars before the actual models are made.

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