ALT-C: bloggers on blogging

Blogging as-you-go isn’t as easy as I thought. I was too tired last night to blog about yesterday so now I have two days’ worth to try to encapsulate!

I’ve decided I don’t like live blogging – I’m too chicken to blog directly into Blogger, and have been trying it by making notes (pen and paper) directly intended for my blog and then typing them up. I find I don’t have time to reflect on what the speaker is saying, I just end up copying bits of Powerpoints or random quotes. As soon as you start to reflect and synthesise something, they’ve moved on and you’ve missed the last thing they said. And I make so many typing errors and break my concentration by correcting them… Yet if you blog afterwards, you’ve lost that immediacy and already forgotten things… I guess half an hour in a session followed by half an hour to think and blog is probably the best way, but that’s not the way conferences are organised. And I’ll always want to reflect, edit and edit again before my blog goes out to the world.

Lots of other ALT attendees are blogging about blogging about their blogging (and so on and so forth!) including David Bryson, James Clay and Steve Wheeler.