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Wish I could remember that #1: How to change file extensions in Windows

This series of posts is to help me and anyone else with those little tasks you forget how to do next time you do them… (Or maybe it’s just memory problems while getting older!)

I often need to change a file extension, e.g., from a txt file to a csv (in order to be able to upload into Moodle, usually). Here’s how to do it:

Go to the folder where the file is and in the folder controls go to
organize > Folder and Search Options.
Click the View tab.
Uncheck the box titled “Hide extensions for known file types”.

And that’s it – the extensions are revealed and you can change one (with caution of course).

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Year of the hashtag!

This is the year of the hashtag! Hashtags (Wikipedia are being used in emails, forum posts, blog posts, other online services like Instagram or Facebook and even in informal school or college coursework. Children in particular are using hashtags a lot more these days, as evidenced by Hashtag being

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